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We're really proud of our network in the Cayman Islands, no other network has the same level of infrastructure, reliability and coverage. Decades of investment have gone into improving it.

And it’s important to remember that the LIME network isn’t just Mobile. Our integrated network combines the latest Mobile, Internet and Fixed Line technologies.

Be the first to know when products and services become available - and say hello to to Cayman's #1 Network.

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Our new 4G LTE network provides the best coverage indoors, outdoors and across every square inch of the Cayman Islands.

The change you've been waiting for is here - be the first to know and say hello to Superfast 4G LTE.

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LIME is building out the fastest Mobile and Internet network in the world, right here in the Cayman Islands.

We're laying hundreds of miles of new fibre-optic cable to deliver superfast broadband speeds to homes and businesses across the Cayman Islands, aiming to cover the entire population by the end of 2014.

Find out if Superfast Fibre Broadband is available in your area now, or soon come.

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Why is LIME’s latest investment such a big deal?

We’ve already invested heavily in our network. Now we’re implementing a once in a multi-generation change to our fixed infrastructure and upgrading to fibre-optic technology. It puts the Islands into a select group of countries benefiting from this level of technology, providing our businesses and communities the best opportunity to succeed in the future.

What will LIME’s upgrade mean for Cayman?

The new investment enables us to improve the infrastructure the Islands need to grow as an economy. It also helps our business, enterprise and government clients build solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly global, connected and mobile market place.

What’s LIME’s vision for its Cayman customers?

Provide our business customers with world class and reliable connectivity, allowing them to innovate and compete in the local market and on the global stage. Fibre broadband opens up new opportunities, new ways of connecting with customers and has the capacity to support business needs as they develop and grow.

At home, everything will be superfast; allowing the whole family to play, work, download, stream content and interact simultaneously.

What’s so special about 4G LTE mobile?

We want people to be able to unleash the full potential of their smartphones and tablets. 4G LTE is the world’s most advanced mobile technology and delivers fibre-like broadband speeds. It means businesses can rely on applications working on the move, video streaming with no buffering, downloads in minutes and a flawless experience for gamers.

What else makes LIME’s Mobile offering special?

We’ve been working hard to improve our mobile network over recent months, putting us in the top 10% of mobile networks globally for call quality. The new 4G LTE network goes even further, not only does it provide the best indoor and outdoor coverage, it’s also compatible with leading US LTE handset standards.

What about LIME’s broadband improvements?

Research has shown that organisations grow twice as fast with a well-managed online presence. Our large corporate customers have been enjoying superfast fibre broadband speeds for many years, but this latest investment delivers superfast connectivity to homes and will help small to medium businesses get in the fast lane too. Superfast fibre broadband will transform the way people work and play; boost the economy, enable businesses to work more effectively.